Saeid Mobini

Saeid Mobini, Ph.D. in Horticulture and Plant Physiology with 20+ years expertise in CEA, soilless culture, tissue culture, and plant breeding, is the Phytotron Manager at Queen’s University, Biology Department. Dr. Mobini has a broad knowledge and expertise in micropropagation, aeroponics/hydroponics design, and development. His interests are horticultural lighting design, application and management, plant nutrients, advanced cultivation practices, biotic and abiotic stresses management. Saeid was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Saskatchewan for over four years. There, he developed novel concepts of Speed Breeding (RGT) in pulse crops. Dr. Mobini is an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Horticultural Science and Landscape, FUM. He came to Queen’s University as the Director of Plant Analytics & Genetic Research in the vertical farm industry. Early in his career, Dr. Mobini was PI and Greenhouse Specialist at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to deliver advanced technology to the Canadian greenhouse industry. He has completed several comprehensive LED lighting trials and has identified indoor growers’ challenges to maximize yield and optimize plant growth. He has served as a Horticultural Consultant for over 12 years in Canadian greenhouses and vertical farms. Saeid has had the privilege of significant in field experience, scaling up R&D results for indoor/vertical farming. His practical experience helps him in guiding students, entrepreneurs, and growers for broad technical understanding of the various disciplines that come together in vertical farming. His academic background makes him uniquely competent for such a demanding role in AVF as a translator/ coordinator, creating the bridges between different fields of expertise in soilless culture, lighting and climate control, AI, IMP, HVAC, business development, automation, robotics, and anything between by translating the plants’ needs into technical specifications. Saeid will serve as AVF North America’s Director of Education & Research.

Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson (B.Sc., B.S.A., M.Sc. Plant Pathology) Has over 30 years of agricultural innovation experience in private, multi-national and government R&D organizations with leadership roles in field research, enterprise and information system architecture, bioindustrial innovation, marketing, investment attraction, product and business development. Richard has extensive experience in strategy development, proposal, project and program creation, negotiation and implementation, in both public and private sector environments. An amateur astronomer and space enthusiast, Richard has a passion for people, plants and applied research. He is an enthusiastic advocate for advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture in Canada. Richard will be serving as AVF North America’s Director of Collaborative Investment and Treasurer.

Sadie Kitchen

Sadie Kitchen (B.A., Government & Business, Project Management Professional (PMP) & Professional Business Analyst (PMI-PBA) has 10+ years of experience in non-profit, fortune 500, & start-up organizations as a consultant and project manager. Sadie has worked in the fields of education, non-profits, technology, green energy and investing. Sadie leverages her extensive experience in operations, sales, consulting, proposal development, project management and implementation in the public and private realm. She is a nature enthusiast, amateur chef, and avid gardener and is bringing her passion for agriculture and plants to the AVF North America Chapter.